Family violence: an evil of our time

Violence cases do not depend on social or financial status. Occurs in the homes of the richest and poorest people. Sometimes a conflict arises out of nothing, and can make commonplace all nervous and anxious. We could describe various situations for a long time and make this story is endless, but our main goal is to help those who survived or who observe violence in their families. First of all, you must remember that violence can not only be physically but also mentally, and sometimes the consequences of the latter are more serious than the first.

Its role in the family does not matter. Just to be a son or a mother does not have to endure the violence simply by a rule that you were taught. Each person has the right to protect his life, like any constitution says, if you want to buy one for a reference. If you have suffered domestic violence, do not be afraid to say. The quicker you do, the sooner you get help and be safe. There is nothing to be ashamed. In these situations you have no guilt, you are the victim, plus if you do not get help, other family members may suffer. This is a difficult issue to talk, but it is a burning issue today, and if it speaks not have a solution. Everything comes from genuine interest. If you want to help and suggest things, I’m sure many people show gratitude.

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