Ways to prevent violence in family

family violence“The family for an individual is its being multiplied”, says that with which one can only agree. The family is the first social group to which you grow and learn the simplest things. Then, the influence produced the first steps in the formation of personality. It is difficult to see how hard it can be a negative influence. In the twenty-first century seems to be no social problems within the group and everything is fine, but when you hear about the many incidents that occur at home, you put the willies by the following thought: “How could the Mother Nature created such a monster? “Family violence is not surprising these days, and sometimes people even show indifference to it. While not suffer them, not interested, and when it comes to problems at home, we quickly complain about the indifference of all compared to our situation.

The most horrific domestic violence is that children are suffering the most physical and mental abuse. In one of America’s schools, children had to write a comparison and contrast essay about a free theme. When the papers were delivered, the teacher took them home. The next day could not come to work on time because I was in the dean’s office, weeping as she read a student essay, comparing the life of your family with your friends. The case ended in court and their cruel parents went to prison for three years each for child abuse.

I’m sure we’d end up reading a lot of similar tests for comparison if you gave this task in all schools. The media are full of stories like this, which leaves us hopeful that this issue is resolved. But luckily there is still people who think your job is to help those in need. Create funds and partnerships that have contact with branches of government and international agencies. Do much to correct this situation, but unfortunately no way to prevent this from happening to any family.

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