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I’ve been doing tripping five days a week for over 25 years. My arms are pretty strong, but this did not happen overnight. Not that I started doing this exercise a couple of weeks or months and then stopped. I had to make this exercise a habit in order to get the results you need.

Exactly the same goes for healthy eating. You can never get a good health by eating healthy foods occasionally. You have to make healthy eating a habit if you want a healthy nutrition. Many people are thrilled with the concept of health as they read books or look online sites that talk about nutrition. While many of these sites and books telling you what you should eat to be healthy, you can not teach healthy eating habits lead. So in the short period of time when the temptation comes, people fall into it and ends where it began.

But what is a habit? The dictionary defines it as “a pattern of behavior acquired through frequent repetition or physiologic exposure that shows an increased regularity and ease of performance.” Can you realize that if we apply this principle to a healthy diet we enjoy very good health?

Poor eating habits:
Poor eating habits are not developed in the overnight. For most people these habits begin to form when they are children. So many adults have problems when fighting these habits, is that they have been part of their lives for many years.

Why eat?
There are two main reasons for eating. The first is to give it fuels our body. The second is pleasure. Unfortunately, some of the foods that give us pleasure are unhealthy.

Most people make their choice of food is based on what they see, smell or taste. Consider the following sentences: that cake looks good. That cake smells good. This cake tastes good.

Note that these sentences involve food and pleasure. However, the food that is causing the pleasure (in this case, the pie) may or may not have good nutritional value. That’s why we need to be wise when choosing your meals and not just leave a question of taste, smell and sight.

Eating healthy can be pleasant:
Some people think that eating healthy is boring and bland. I think one of the reasons why they feel this is because most of the commercials we see promote foods high in calories, fat or sugar and only a small percentage of the advertisements are to eat fruits, vegetables, grains and beans. So if there is a little more nutrition education, more and more people may find pleasant a healthy diet.

How healthy eating habits changed my life:
In 1998 my wife finally convinced me to go to the doctor to give me a check. I was not feeling ill, but she insisted it would be a good idea to get tested at least once a year. Thank God I ignored him.

I’ve been an athletic person all my life. In fact, I can run 10 miles a week. So when I went to the doctor was not expecting to hear the bad news I received. He said he was on the verge of developing diabetes.

The diabetes can be very dangerous if not treated. It is a cause of death in the United States. It is a disease of the pancreas that causes the body to stop producing insulin, which is needed to regulate blood sugar.

My doctor told me no need to worry, but suggested that I start to read a bit about eating habits. That was the beginning of my way to healthier eating habits that could turn my situation. Today I can honestly say that I am in excellent health. I feel great, sleep great, people tell me I look younger than I am, I maintain a healthy weight, do not take any medication, my blood pressure is normal, my blood sugar is normal, my cholesterol is normal, my immune system is strong and much more.

It’s great to have good health and I thank God to be able to enjoy it. However, I do not think that my health was a matter of chance. I believe strongly that one of the main reasons why I’m healthy is to take personal responsibility for my health. Achieving healthy eating habits is a great way to fulfill this responsibility. Our physical bodies have laws that are governed by proper nutrition. If we violate these laws by eating unhealthy foods, we can get sick.

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