10 ways to make reading fun

Learning to read can be a difficult venture for some children. It seems everyone, from the child’s teacher mom and dad and even grandma are excited and hoping that the child learns to read. All this pressure and expectations of the adults can put a damper on the excitement for the child. This loss of emotion can lead to the child loses the desire to read. If we as parents can find ways to make reading fun and enjoyable, our children are more willing to sit and read a book together.

Here are some ideas you can implement to make reading fun for your child:

Reading popcorn
This is a fun way for a child to be able to read the words he or she knows and move the words that will cause frustration. When reading a book together, each one of you takes a turn reading aloud. When you are reading, says the word “popcorn” is the other person’s turn to read.

Reading Companion
Gather the child with a “reading buddy” larger and have both read the book aloud together. We’ve all been through those times that an explanation makes more sense to come from one of our peers or siblings. This gives the child the opportunity to practice reading without any nerves that can lead to the presence of an adult.

Highlight the sky
Take an old book and a highlighter and have your child highlight all the words you can read from each sheet. After all the words your child knows are highlighted, take a moment and let your child watch to see how many words he / she can read. This gives you more confidence in the child.

Reading with Flashlight
Before your child is too tired at the end of the day, take some time and read in a dark room. Take a flashlight and read the book with it. Young children love to do this sort of thing.

Secret Hideaway
What child has not built a fort at one time or another? If you do not already have a stronghold in your home or yard, help your child create a. It can be a fortress of blankets, plywood, a tree house, or even a fortress beneath the bed sheets. (Just make sure both come … and get out once you enter!) Take a reader’s favorite son, get comfortable and start reading.

Reading Corner
Make a “reading corner” somewhere in your home. Let your child decorate it and choose a place to put it. Add some bean bags or pillows, maybe some favorite poster on the wall or even some family photos.

Photo Detective
Ask your child a book to browse and see all the photos and tell you what he or she thinks will happen in history. Read the story and see how close I was.

Get the word
Choose a word that cost him his son and each time he read it, the two have to stand. This will help you remember the word, because it is associated with an action. This works especially well with children kinesthetic. (A child who wants to move all the time and likes to touch and feel everything.)

The star of the story
Have you ever seen a personalized storybook in which the child’s name is printed in the story? This is an original way to get your reader excited about a book. In these books, the name of his son and his friends name are printed in history, what makes your child the star of his book! How motivating is that? He or she will have to read the book to know what kind of adventure he or she will be going on.

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