Choosing a shelf system for home

shelf systemThe shelves provide one of the most efficient methods to maximize storage space. Shelving systems vary from simple single shelves with brackets fixed to fully adjustable units.

The shelves can be designed in harmony with the style, character and shape of a room, or even work as a decorative element. Always make sure the materials you use are strong enough to carry the load. You can choose your shelving system in a wide variety of wood of different thicknesses and in a variety of finishes, as well as certain types of glass. Simple supports are not adjustable system.

Once you have decided on the shelving system you need and has chosen the most suitable material, have to endure objects may become heavy for the wall. Whether you attach brackets fixed or an adjustable, be sure to safely secure the bracket to the wall, and watch the hanging racks are perfectly level. Always use the media to suit the structure of the wall. A range of metal and plastic anchors and screws with pins, are available to secure screws or brackets to the wall cavities.

When installing light shelves to the wall cavities, use plastic anchors or metal. Most have wings that expand against the wall inside the cavity. Select the size recommended by the manufacturer. Mark and drill holes. Insert a dowel, and screw. The most flexible type of shelves, which in turn is ideal for storing objects of different sizes, such as books, is a set of shelves. Place a series of shelves for presentation purposes given the opportunity to design a highly decorative unit.

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