Susu Beruang

Kalo denger ada orang bilang “Susu Beruang” terkadang gw selalu kepikiran…Susunya Beruang (hihi..), Susu Yang Punya Uang, ato Susu Tjap Beruang? What a thought!

Hehe…tapi emang bener kata Didi, susu beruang tu emang mujarab! Yang gw rumpiin ini Susu Beruang bikinannya Nestle. Gak tau karena emang susu sapi tu bener-bener te-o-pe banget buat tubuh…ato emang Nestle aja yang pinter bikinnya (wah entahlah..kalo ini kayaknya mending nanya keahlinya). Yang gw baca di kalengnya…ni susu emang terbuat dari 100% susu sapi yang disterilkan. Emang lebih mahal siii dibandingkan susu yang lain…misal: Ultra Milk cair, Indomilk, ato Susu Bendera…tapi dengan hasilnya…yah, ada harga ada rupa. However, this Bear Brand Milk save our family sooo many times. But I believe, and more..and more…and more…this milk is necessary to our body…our health.

It’s been a hundred times, this damned allergy hurting me…and I still can count on it…I mean Bear Brand of course…(because it’s hard to find really fresh milk at any time…so,I guess BB is the best!!) Not only me, but also my family…so many times my family got the diseases such as fever, allergy, poisoned…hehe..BB is the best answer of all. Thanks to you!

Like Ricky Subagja said, so many symptoms can be healed if we drink milk regularly..(hehe…is it true he said that..? I just made it up, hehe) The thing I know that he’s the ambassador of Indonesian Health Dept: Milk Promotion for all over Indonesia…so, sorry Rick…But, It’s true…it’s really true, drinking milk regularly is good for our body…If you don’t believe me…ask your doctor!

But..again…contrary to popular belief, some people think (not like I did) processed cow’s milk is not healthy for humans. It has been linked to a variety of diseases, including heart disease, allergies, and diarrhea. The reason is simple – cow’s milk makes them sick.

Ok…it doesn’t matter what people belief…but, I believe…and I just prove it, and I’m right…Bear Brand is the best! (too much “and”…once again..) And I’m gonna have couple cans of it in my frig!

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2 Responses to “Susu Beruang”

  1. dorara says:

    susu beruang yah?
    baca di koran, ktanya susu beruang ngandung melanin lhoo ==
    tapi ga tau bner apa kaga. haha.

  2. anak SD says:

    Tanya aja sama beruangnya sendiri.

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