Growing a garden without pests

Deer and raccoons, rabbits, squirrels and moles! Can shake your heart when looking at a zoo, but when it comes to your garden, that is another story. On the other hand, how could one resist her capricious rabbit lettuce? Its berries are always attractive to squirrels.

Fend off various animals that want to enjoy both the flowers and harvesting of plants in your garden can become time consuming and frustrating experience. Learn to chase and catch them without poisoning or animals or plants is a crucial part of being a good gardener. After scientists discovered the harmful effects that pesticides and other poisons produced in the human body, the use of toxic methods should be carefully considered and eventually rejected.

The birds, despite being a beautiful thing to observe, are a medium to large risk for gardeners. Actually produce less damage than the quadrupeds. Birds have a good amount of natural enemies, so you can scare them into believing that their enemies are lurking.

A thin nylon line attached to long, tied between sticks, vibrate and buzz with the best breeze. The sound is inaudible to us, but not for birds. Works great for protecting, for example, strawberries. It can produce unusual sounds with aluminum plates loosely tied to stakes, or by leaving the radio on at night. They also often operate flashing lights and balloons and kites in the shape of larger birds. And of course, always two solutions: Scarecrow and / or a dog or cat, always help solve the problem of birds. Like the birds and the other animals need water, remove all sources of water in the garden to keep them away.

Night is the ideal time for four-legged pests. Each animal has a distinctive mark your favorite dish at mealtime. Many species, like deer and raccoons, can be eliminated by installing an electrified fence or some type of fencing around the garden. Gophers can also avoid installing a fence that extends 60 inches below ground and 60 inches above the surface along the entire surface of the garden.

The chicken wire works well with rabbits, but the holes should be 2.5 inches or less. Bunnies very small babies. To keep the mice away from fruit trees, install a metal mesh that penetrate several inches under the ground all around the area. How to discover what animal eats our crops at night? The answer is: through the tracks. Another option is to let a group of 10 marshmallows near the area where the crop is usually stolen by an animal. Cats do not eat marshmallows. But raccoons and skunks do not hesitate.

The opossum will eat one or two, then return later for another one. Other animals can only be eliminated by using traps. After capture, be sure to release at least 2 miles away from home, and leave them in their natural habitat. Be careful not to get bitten! Rabies is a reality in the animal world. Gardening fills one of peace and a sense of accomplishment. The joy of picking fresh vegetables right before eating none. Well, perhaps can be compared only with the wonderful aroma of fresh flowers.

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