Installation and repair of the tiles and bathroom floors

floorsFill your bathroom tiles can give a new look, fresh and clean, and they can last for years. To choose the right tile, make sure the color can be combined with the rest of your decor or redecorate all on the basis of color you chose for the mosaics. If you want to change the floor tiles in your bathroom, there are a number of materials to have on hand at all times. Tiling is not as difficult as it sounds, and can save lots of money doing it yourself. If you choose a professional to do the work, make sure it is a professional, since many people posing as skilled workers to do the job and then not do it correctly or with the specifications you say.

Materials and tools
You will need some rags, a roll, chalk, putty knife, mineral diluents odorless, heat gun, glue the floor covering and ceramic tile of your choice.

Removing old flooring
Start by heating the tiles with heat gun. Heat a tile at a time to loosen the glue, and use the knife to remove the mosaic. Since this process releases toxins into the air, use a mask to protect themselves from harmful fumes. If your tiles are old asphalt and asbestos, better hire a professional to remove them as the management of asbestos generates damage to health. Another option is to put new tiles over old. The only problem with this method is that the floor will be a little higher, so before you do something in a hurry, put a mosaic over the other and see if you can live with the height. To remove the remaining adhesive off the floor using mineral solutions. Use the knife to remove excess adhesive from the floor.

Drawing guide lines

Before drawing the guide lines be sure to measure the exposed surface to see if it is level. If not level, pull using a cement mortar on the floor to make a level area. Use the guide lines and apply the mortar according to manufacturer’s instructions. Divide the room into four equal squares perpendicular. Look at each midpoint between the walls and use the chalk between each parallel wall. Make sure you have an angle of 90 ° in the center of the room. Alternatively instead of parallel lines, use the diagonals, which will give the same result. Use the tiles dry to see how many you need and make small marks between the marks he had done. Note that mosaics are apart. Remember that tiles can be cut to enter the ends of the room.

Casting a glue
You can use an adhesive such as cement tile or any other brand Davco to throw in one quadrant of the floor tile. Scatter them until you reach the height specified by the manufacturer. Use the trowel to spread the cement. If the floor is almost level, you can try using cement or more to level instead of using the mortar and working with a lever. Apply adhesive to the back of each tile and let stand. Start at the center of the room where the chalk lines meet. Put the level on the mosaic to place and make sure it is right. Do the same procedure with each tile. Use the lines to monitor the longitudinal alignment of the tiles. Make the space between the tiles is the same, and use the first line of mosaics as a reference to the next. Do not slide the tiles once they have already put the glue start to run. If a tile was wrong position, gently lift and place the ends well. As you begin to work on the next quadrant can sit on the dial installed. This can cause problems if the adhesive is not dry yet so I can use a large wooden board to distribute the weight.

Putting tiles tips
When the tiles reach the wall will likely have to cut some jobs that fit well. It is important to measure each tile from the wall, and your bathroom may not be symmetrical. Cut the tile using a suitable cutting tool, or set up another tile to use as a guide line and make the right line. Using a piece of cardboard is recommended for those who do this for the first time, especially for the mosaics of the corners. The mosaic can also be pushed against the wall to put it in the desired location. This may require some practice since the cutting of tiles requires a lot of depth. If you are lucky with the size, you can simply cut the tiles in half and use half for the next time you need a mosaic.

Using the roller

After you are finished with ceramic tile or you need the roll to ensure all the air between the tiles and the floor is tight and that the tiles adhere better to the surface. You need to use the roller in both directions and do not walk on the tiles until the adhesive is dry. You can use a wooden board the size of the floor to walk, because it will distribute its weight among all tiles. Be sure to remove excess adhesive between the tiles with a rag. If some of the adhesive remained on the top of the tiles, then use the rag to clean and to ensure the original brightness of the mosaics.

Now that you know everything to start tiling can finally go buy the perfect mosaic. Fill with colored mosaic floor of your own bathroom will not only save money, will also give you pride and satisfaction of having done something on their own. A fence as gaining experience, you can start putting the tiles in patterns or to use elaborate mosaics.

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