Problems with insects in the garden and how to fix

Every housewife knows that to achieve a garden with the least amount of harmful insects as possible (even if you use good fertilizer) should consider some simple but effective at fighting once and for all these insects. As we all know, there are insects and pests that can only live in certain plants and driven away so we alternate the position of the plantations, removing the roots, and replacing plants that have sprung up those from another species. Thus insects inevitably perish.

When you end the summer heat, the earth must be removed thoroughly with the aim of bringing to light harmful insect larvae overwinter in the soil (this will attract to your garden with various birds and birds). Between autumn and winter must peel and remove the branches and stems deeply with larvae and eggs. If possible, fire destroyed the wormy fruit and branches and leaves attacked by parasites encountered.

Other fierce enemies of garden plants and garden are snails and slugs, and should be vigilant and look in damp or under the leaves of plants. It is important to check the underside of the leaves and destroy them quickly. There are some chemicals that can fight the pests, but these will be discussed in another article.

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