Considering the hibiscus as garden plants

hibiscos flowerThe gender of the hibiscus committed more than 200 different species. Hibiscus species are found in tropical and subtropical regions and in temperate climates. Opened its kind that contains herbaceous plants, shrubs and even small trees. Hibiscus plants are popular in gardens and flowers in the arrangements, and that plants produce beautiful flowers with a very tall stem. You can choose from a wide variety of different colors of hibiscus, including the popular red, pink, orange, purple belt, yellow and white. A hibiscus flower can reach a size of four to 15 cm and comes equipped with five petals. Hibiscus leaves are toothed and have a strong green shade.

Hibiscus plants require much light as most species originate in warm regions of the world. Most species of hibiscus prefer to be planted where temperatures go from 60 to 90 ° F during most of the day. These plants are stronger than most tropical and subtropical species and usually can survive cold temperatures as long as it is not prolonged exposure. A cold night can for example cause the plant to destroy its leaves and blossoms, but end up surviving and eventually generate new ones. You may have hibiscus in temperatures go below 50 degrees, but rarely can flourish. When you can offer will typically be very small and sometimes you’ll see something rare. In cold weather, hibiscus should not give too much water as this may increase the risk of fungal infections. The temperature below the freezing point should always be avoided.

If you care for hibiscus, begin to produce buds. Outbreaks of hibiscus are typically large and tight. Unfortunately, outbreaks are usually attacked by worms and insects that can kill the entire outbreak. When the buds open and start to bloom, you can protect them from pests by spraying with water regularly.

You can make hibiscus flowers last longer giving them water and protecting the severe heat. Heavy rains can harm the flowers. If the hibiscus plant is exposed to high temperatures, begin to lose their buds. This can sometimes be prevented by giving the plant plenty of water creating some kind of shade for her. The plant itself will have no problems surviving high temperatures as long as they do not become dehydrated.

Or give your hibiscus plant is recommended, as these plants tend to produce new flower buds. You can always cut their offspring and used in floral arrangements, but generally should not exceed 24 hours. If you cut a bud almost open will protect it in the refrigerator until it is ready for use. Hibiscus plants need lots of minerals to thrive, among which include manganese, iron and copper. Provide some type of nutrition or fertilizer can be a good idea. Ask your florist for more specific instructions about your particular soil type of hibiscus.

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