Making Birthday Parties for kids at home

Create the best birthday party for your child should not be a stressful activity. Follow the time schedule provided below and your child will be the success of the neighborhood.

About a month before the party will need:

  • Talk with your child and choose a theme for the party or what the “entertainment” of it. This will help determine the budget to spend on the party.
  • Create a guest list. Do not forget to include school friends, neighbors and relatives as well as close friends.
  • Set a date and time for the party. Most children’s birthday last between one and two hours.
  • Ask the general provisions for a party: tablecloths, plastic tableware, decorations, etc..
  • Think about the games. Keep in mind the age and personality of children when planning activities. Parties often simpler and shorter is better and less stressful.

Two weeks before the party be sure to:

  • Decide on the menu. Will it serve only cake and ice cream? “The party will pass the hours of a meal and therefore will have to order pizza or cook yourself?
  • Send invitations. You will probably have to call all people who do not RSVP. People tend to forget and will appreciate the reminder call.
  • Ask for help. If you think you need some help for the day of the party, ask a couple of mothers of children invited to stay to help. Most moms help enchanted, you just have to ask.

A week before the party must:

  • Bake the cake and store in the freezer. Knowing that the cake is already made will be a relief to the day of the party!
  • Prepare and store in the freezer all the food that you can do beforehand.
  • Know exactly how many guests will attend. Call all guests who have not responded.

Two days before the party do not forget:

  • Getting the food to be made at the time, nor forget the candles, matches and film!
  • Check the battery status of your camcorder.
  • Buy a small tank of helium at a store near you. It’s a good idea to also keep their children occupied during the morning of the party!
  • Make a timeline for the party until the expected date and do not forget anything.

One day before the party remember:

  • Remove food and cake from freezer.
  • Put all the sets that can beforehand.
  • Finish preparing food as possible.

On the morning of the party must ensure:

  • Fill balloons with helium.
  • Prepare all food to be made on the day.
  • Write a timeline of the day not to forget to do anything.
  • Do not want to miss the wonderful memories that are the photos, so ask a relative or someone you trust to take care of take pictures.
  • Relax and enjoy the big day. And walk away preparing for the year ahead!
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