How to protect wooden floors from furniture

wooden floorHardwood floors are very good story. In addition to providing resistance of wood as a material for the floor, it also makes it look more attractive, capable of creating the environment for many types of themes and room designs. However, the maintenance of wood requires a little more effort than marble or laminate floors. After all is still wood, and protect wood floors from furniture provides a way to keep those elegant apartments for long.

Never move the furniture pushed or pulled. This creates scratches on the floor, and finally destroys the wax coating the floor. Try to pick them up before moving them to anywhere you want to avoid scratching the wood. Be careful not to drop the furniture inadvertently, will harm not only furniture but also runs the risk of creating a permanent mark on the wood.

If you can not lift the furniture, even with help, or if too large or too wide to take properly, place a piece of cloth on each pin of the unit, then push it gently, slowly. In this way, your furniture will not contact the wood floor and can not scratch. This method is recommended for furniture that is too large or too heavy to lift without assistance.

The wheels on furniture is no exception. Some office chairs have hard plastic wheels. This plastic is harmless to substances such as granite and marble, but it can damage wood slowly over time. Now, you can not always raise this type of furniture, right? Doing so is simply impractical and ridiculous. So how do you protect the wooden floors of furniture in this situation?. Use “pneumatic” rubber custom for these furniture. You can find these items at your local hardware store. If you can not get these rubber tires, then create your own cutting rubber tires and use rubber bands around the wheels as the “tire” (prepare appropriate materials for this.)

As a final alternative, choose furniture from softer materials with less friction. We mentioned earlier that you must lift the furniture as you can when you want to change places. Well, if you have safer materials in the bottom of the cabinet, then you do not even have to put a piece of cloth! Simply slide the furniture around the room without worry. Also, never push too hard furniture.

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