Protecting your garden from pets

For most of us love gardening and plant care. People living in countries with much colder climates are always prepared for spring, as this is the time of year again to begin cultivating your garden. Without doubt, take care of your own garden is a great hobby. But then, having planned it, prepared the ground, and tools, there is only one thing not to forget: to protect your garden from animals.

Surely, most of us love animals, but not in our garden. These can be beautiful and lovely to see them, but, what happens next? Here are some ways to keep animals out of our garden.

The first thing to do to protect your garden from wild animals, is to have some idea of what types of animals live in your area., Know they eat, and that time might come out to feed. Knowing this is very important to care for your garden. It’s like going to war with a good strategy.

These wild animals can be birds, squirrels, deer, mice, voles, moles, weasels, gophers, armadillos, rabbits, skunks, raccoons, porcupines, marmots, and many more. Of course, this depends on the country where you live.

Then, you can buy some plants that can help keep wild animals out of your garden, as wormwood, Tears of Magdalena, cineraria, spurge, spurge, crown imperial, lavender, peppermint, castor, and Mexican marigold. These plants keep away birds, raccoons, skunks, rabbits, mice, hamsters, mice, moles, weasels, and gophers.

Shrubs and flowers can help keep your garden away from the deer. Some of these include: lilac, boxwood, jasmine, sea buckthorn, China berry tree, holly, lilar, smoke tree, molle, black locust, Barbant myrtle, narcissus, jonquil, columbine, aloe vera, foxglove, iris and clematis. Deer are a bit aggressive, so if that does not work, put a fence around your garden, because these animals eat almost anything.

There may be a lot of solutions out there, many plants and shrubs that can help keep them away. There are many plants that keep these wild creatures, but if you fail, do not lose hope. Attend to the nursery for recommendations.

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