Techniques for newborn infants to sleep

If your child always sleeps holding, or by leaving a pacifier, you create sleep associations with these items. Then when your child wakes in the middle of the night, you can not go back to sleep by himself because he can not recreate this sleeping environment without you: you will need to be fed or charged back to sleep.

When you start trying to get your child to sleep by itself, you must enter items in your sleep routine that you can sleep with a blanket or a particular stuffed animal. It will achieve this is to create associations of sleep for your child with these items. Then, when you wake up in the middle of the night, you can recreate his sleeping environment without your assistance hugging her stuffed animal. It may also be beneficial the introduction of “transitional items” into the routine of your baby’s sleep: Let him have his stuffed animals or blankets during the final feeding and before bedtime, and let that take him to bed.

Whatever you do, your child will create their own associations with sleep. Their job is to try to create such partnerships with elements you can control. Giving your child as much control as possible over your dream environment, will allow you to sleep independently. The most difficult transition in early parenting is to get your child to sleep independently, and if it introduces new elements to the place where your child is sleeping, will accelerate this transition, will soon allow both you and your child enjoy a night’s sleep.

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