The health of your dog’s teeth

The health of your dog’s teeth and their pets is also a very important factor for healthy growth and to guarantee him a happy and long life. Therefore, the main advice we can give to this is that so assiduously not brush their teeth. Wipe, however, the teeth once per day and that he take it as a daily habit that makes its owner.

To start the cleaning process, feels the dog with the collar and rub the baby’s back, then examine his body to see that everything is in order and there is nothing to worry about, such as fleas, bruises, etc.. Move your hand on her back and sides, lift one leg each and look under your feet and between your fingers, gently take your ears and inspect the inside.

When it comes time to check your mouth, approach with caution, as it can act aggressively. Carefully lift her lips to have a clear view of your teeth. Your dog’s teeth should be brushed with a special paste for dogs. If your dog is developing its teeth, it would be a good idea to go to the vet before you start your daily dental cleaning at home. Also, think with your veterinarian for teeth cleaning this before with the regime.

After these preliminary steps will be time to start brushing teeth as such, you can buy a dog brush at any local veterinarian, try to buy a normal brush handle as used by each family. And if you are afraid of losing the handle or to swallow your dog, buy a special one for the exclusive use dogs, which come with special flavors such as meat, chicken and most popular flavored cat! You can also wash your teeth with a salt water solution, choose the option you choose, for any reason use regular pasta using humans.

Give your dog a little bit of toothpaste you use it, let it eat a bit to get used. Brush your teeth in a circular motion underneath and on the gum line, with attention to the molars are down, that is where plaque accumulates. Washing the teeth be careful because this is new to dogs and then probably try to play with the brush, do not expect good progress in his first time with the toothbrush and toothpaste. The next time will be much easier and the third and will be more than a habit for the dog.

Train your dog and pair it with toothpaste, playing with and teaching. When you finish playing and teaching, give a cookie that can also help control plaque, and also tell him it’s a good dog and is really good, and so will become used to wash as a daily task.

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