Tips for the basic maintenance of a pool

pool cleanerBefore rushing out to buy the latest Dolphin pool cleaner, see these basic tips for taking good care of your pool. After purchasing a pool, the first thing you will need for maintenance will be a blanket. The cover of the pool cover will help while away from home for long periods or when the pool is not in use (such as long winters or travel). A plastic cover can be very effective in protecting the pool of different objects and elements. Some buy a blanket very hard to prevent accidents with children or pets falling into the water. Remember to put the cover on the pool takes hard work, time and effort. This is only basic maintenance.

All pools have a wire mesh collector used to collect dead leaves, branches, insects and other debris from the water surface. A collector is a metal material is immersed and removed objects to fish the pool, the lifeguard will remember, going back and forth, with the collector throughout the summer around the pool. Maintenance and cleaning of the pool have to be directly related to the use that is given, so if you are planning to use it often, better buy a collector of good quality, because you have to put it to use often.

One of the most important in the maintenance of a pool is the filtration, keeping water clean and circulating. There are different types of filters available for swimming. Sand and gravel, diatomaceous earth, anthracite, and cartridge filter media are commonly used. Filtration systems of the pools used the basic principle of passing water through tiny passageways, filtering. Particles larger than these passages are trapped and thereby separated from the main body of water. The process continues until all passages are plugged. This is the time when the filter should be cleaned so that the cycle can continue repeating.

Sediment and suspended material often remain in the bottom of the pool and should be removed with barrefondo. And since the pool filters vary in quality, maybe you should consider the barrefondo as a tool for general maintenance of the pool.

The barrefondo operates in a manner similar to the common aspirations except to be crossed by water instead of air. There are two methods by which this task can be performed. One method uses a jet of water supplied by a garden hose to drive the dirt suction sending the bag. The other method uses the suction power provided by the filter. When there is a considerable amount of sediment to be removed, the filter valves should be adjusted so that water can pass sucked.

Certain chemicals are regularly used in pool maintenance. The most common is chlorine. Again, if you remember the pools of his youth, also remember the unpleasant odor of this substance, which brought side effects such as irritation of the skin or eyes. These are the risks of using chlorine to clean the water, when used in large quantities and without proper maintenance. Should follow the product instructions to deliver it in appropriate doses.

Use common sense when thinking about the maintenance and cleaning of your pool, you must enjoy it, but will have to meet a short list of simple responsibilities. Cleaned regularly will allow you to enjoy a healthy pool for long.

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