12 security mechanisms to protect your child

child protectionAbout 2.5 million children are injured or killed by home hazards each year. The good news is that most of these incidents can be prevented using some simple accessories to promote safety of children within the household. Any device that you use should be strong enough to provide security to his son but easy enough to maneuver present no problems for you. It is important to follow the installation instructions carefully. Also, if you have grown children in the house, make sure you know how to use the safety devices. Remember that these devices will never be immune to the ingenuity of a child and young people can learn to disable certain.

Here are some safety devices for children that can help prevent such damage.

  1. Door handles and locks on cabinets and drawers can help prevent children have access to medicines and household cleaners, to knives or other sharp objects. Look for door locks and handles that are strong enough so that children can not open them, but that adults can easily install them. Note that these items are not a guarantee of protection but can cause children to have more trouble getting access to hazardous substances. Even products that come in childproof packages should be locked, since this mechanism is not a guarantee.
  2. Safety gates can help keep children away from stairs or rooms that have hazards in them. Look for doors that children can not open easily, but that adults can open and close without any problems. For the upper stairs, gates that screw to the wall are more secure than those that adjust to pressure. New safety gates that meet the standards have a certification seal from the Association of Juvenile Products Manufacturers. If you have an older safety gate, be sure you do not have a form of “V” large enough to let in the head and neck of a child.
  3. The coverage of door handles and locks that can help keep children away from dangerous places such as swimming pools. Make sure the knob cover door is strong enough not to break, but allows an adult to easily open the door in case of an emergency. Restricting access to some potentially dangerous rooms in the home, door knob covers could help prevent many types of damage. To prevent access to swimming pools, door locks should be placed high enough to be out of reach of children. The locks should be used in conjunction with fences and door alarms. The sliding glass doors with locks that must be closed after each use, are generally not sufficiently effective barrier to pools.
  4. The anti boil devices for regulating water temperature can help prevent burns. Consider using such devices for showers and faucets. These should be installed by a plumber. Also, if you live in a home, set your hot water thermostat to 48 ยบ C to help prevent burns from hot water.
  5. Smoke detectors are essentially safety items to protect against fire and damage. Collate smoke detectors once a month to ensure proper operation. If detectors are battery operated, change them at least once a year or consider using batteries that last 10 years.
  6. The window bars and safety nets for balconies can help prevent falls. Collate these safety items frequently to make sure they are installed safely and properly and are in good condition. There should be no more than 10 inches between the bars of the window. If you have a window with bars, make sure that every room has at least 1 open window by which to escape in case of fire. Metal nets are an effective way to prevent children from falling from windows.
  7. The tops of the corners and lines can be used on furniture and fireplaces to help prevent damage from falls against sharp shafts or parts of the house. Be sure to look for bumpers that lock into the furniture or the shaft.
  8. The plates and outlets covers can help protect children from electrical shock and possible electrocution. Be sure these devices are strong enough so that the child can not get them out of place and big enough so you can not swallow.
  9. A carbon monoxide detector can help prevent poisoning. It is important to install carbon monoxide detectors near the sleeping areas. Homes that use heating oil or gas or have a garage attached to the structure of the home should use these devices.
  10. rods to replace the cords of window curtains serve to prevent deaths and injuries from strangulation by the turns of the window cords. For older windows, you must update the opening and closing mechanism for this rod. When buying new blinds or curtains that come to see child safety items.
  11. The door stops and endured serve to prevent children from hurting their fingers by putting them between the door and frame when they are closing. Make sure any safety item for the door is easy to use and does not break into small pieces, which can pose a risk of suffocation by children.
  12. Cordless phones can help monitor their children continuously without having to leave the place to answer the phone. Cordless phones are especially helpful when children are near water or in it, either in pools or in bathtubs on the beach.
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