10 ways to ensure that children’s toys are safe

The main purpose behind the creation of toy is that it can be enjoyed, but in order to achieve this you must ensure that toys are safe for children. There are 10 simple steps you can take to ensure that the toy your child does not pose a risk.

Follow the age recommendations stamped on the package.
This information is typically written in smaller letters and is usually located at the bottom or back of the box.

If the toy contains small parts, consider your child’s behavior before buying.
Regardless of the child is the recommended age of the packet, parents should consider whether it is mature enough to handle small parts without hurting toy.

Never leave a child with a toy with small parts without adult supervision.
A moment may be enough for your child decides to put the toy into his mouth. This can be very dangerous, so always try to provide as much supervision as possible while your child is playing with his toys, and even more if these toys have small parts. Likewise, never let them run with toys that have sharp edges or points.

Never let children put toys in their mouths.
If the child were to swallow some of the toy, the result can be a tragedy. If you see your child gets a toy or somewhere inside the mouth, clear hand and say “no” in a firm tone. No need to get all the toys the child, but it is necessary to properly supervise them while they play.

Pay close attention to the instructions of the security department of consumer and manufacturer’s advice.
This information is very important because it provides some data about the safety of goods or any defects that may have been recently found in its design. In the second case, you may notice is used to prevent damage. Never let your toddler play with toys with safety warnings of any kind.

Make sure that the markers, crayons and paints you buy non-toxic.
All products have been approved and non-toxic will have a warning on the package. Look carefully this warning before buying any product of this type.

If the toy is painted, make sure the paint is not coming.
This could be dangerous if the child puts the toy in the mouth or eyes, so look for any signs of paint wear.

Make sure that toys and dolls are fireproof.
This is very important for the obvious possibility of some kind of fire and to ensure the safety of your child.

Make sure toys are original and not a cheap imitation, which may involve faulty manufacture.
Whenever you are buying toys, make sure you are getting what you are paying.

Consider the message or the idea that the toy you are conveying to your child.
Today, toys are encouraging certain messages or unhealthy ideals to young people. It is important to monitor the toys your child plays in order to ensure they are receiving the best influences which can be obtained.

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