3 ways to inspire a love of reading in children

If your child seems not to show any interest in reading, there is still hope. Sometimes parents have to resort to some tricks, but I assure you that even the most stubborn child will learn the beauty of reading.

1. The trick of a good night story.
One of my favorite ways to make my children learn to read is something we certainly appreciate themselves when they have children of their own. This is sent to bed before it’s bedtime. Wonder how come an increase in sleep will make your child more attention to books. Well, here’s the trick. Get them to bed fence 45 to 60 minutes before you turn off the lights in the house.

The way it works this routine is as follows. Children brush their teeth and use the bathroom. After being read a story. All this is done before the official time for sleep. Then, simply given the option. They said “now it’s time to go to bed. Do you prefer to turn off the lights or prefer to stay up and read a little?”

Unless they’re really tired, always choose some reading. I have to beg them not to read or manipulate. In fact, think it’s their own idea and end up earning much appreciation at this time to read before bedtime. Then, we let them alone. Do not try to give them instructions of any kind, or help them choose books. This is your time. May choose any book they want and read by the time they want until you get to kiss them and wishing them good night testing before turning off the light. Of course, if they want me to stay and hear them read, I am always more than happy to oblige. Try it, it works.

2. Incentives for reading during the summer.
You can put your child in a summer reading program in almost any library in the country. If your library does not have a summer reading program, then make it at home with rewards for reading books. You can use a Monopoly game board and allow your child to move one space for each book you read. Or, if you want even more fun, let them throw the dice every time you read a book and grant awards after spending a certain amount of points.

Make sure the rewards are something they want. If your child prefers to spend time with you than with his toys, then aside some time each day to make their favorites. If he prefers the toys, let him win. Or let you earn the opportunity to do common household tasks. Take it to your favorite restaurant. Only fun and safe will too.

3. Read the book before seeing the film.
This is a standard procedure in our house. We do not see any movie based on a book without reading the book first. Whether my husband and I read the book to the children or let alone read it, each family member can watch the movie after you have read the book. So if your child wants to go see the upcoming movie The Chronicles of Narnia, or Harry potter, let them read the book first.

That’s it. Three easy ways to make your child begins to foster a constant habit of reading.

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