10 important tips to care for hardwood floors

wood floorDid you know that real wood floors can be added significant value to your home? This is not just because it is a high quality material, but also for his skill and timeless charm that can be combined with most decors. Now, if you are going to invest heavily in installing a real hardwood floor, you should be prepared to protect your investment with some ground rules and make some adjustments to ensure that the object of his pride and joy is in good condition for long.

There are several responsible for damage to real wood. UV rays from the sun, wet spots, very abrasive cleaners and hard contact with the furniture can do significant damage. Here are some tips to enjoy your floors without being its slave.

  1. Attach a bit of felt or plastic pads to the legs of chairs, tables and other furniture so that they can be moved without scratching the floor.
  2. Lift the furniture, not dragged, when moving around the room.
  3. Avoid the use of toys, large or small, with wheels. The wheels are often made of hard plastic that becomes rough with use.
  4. When vacuuming, use the annex to the brush. It is even advisable to keep an attachment to particular real wood and another for other areas of the house.
  5. The sand and dirt are abrasive so keep rugs in the rooms where wood flooring is real. Upon entering the room and cleaned the shoes, the floor will be safe.
  6. Ask your flooring consultant about the correct cleaning agents to use on your floor. Different floor treatments may require special cleaning products.
  7. While sunlight coming through the window makes us feel good, you can also discolor your floors over time. Keep curtains and blinds closed whenever possible.
  8. Spills should be cleaned immediately, including water, as they may stain wood floors.
  9. Never walk on hardwood floors with high heels, especially those stilettos.
  10. If there are pets in the house, be sure to cut their nails so they do not scratch the floor.

While the above list may seem like a big hassle, you should pay attention to keep their real wood floors in good condition for long. Enjoy your home, your floor and use it … use a room without a wasted expense, regardless of the type of floor, wall or ceiling you have.

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