Caring for your furniture

furniture careInvest in quality furniture can be a great investment. In fact, it may be the biggest investment you make after the purchase of your home and car. I know you will not think twice when thinking about ways to keep your car and house in good condition, then why not give your furniture the same care? Their furniture is used enough, especially if you do holidays and if living with teenagers. You can make your furniture last long if you stick to give you some suggestions here.

The first thing should be easy to implement, Keep your furniture clean! I know, seems obvious, but is one of the main causes of the furniture look bad and break. Vacuum furniture fabrics regularly. If you have leather furniture, wipe with a good product to treat leather and keep the look of your wood furniture with some special oil for wood.

If your furniture looks old and still there are some steps you can implement to restore it. This is especially easy to achieve with wood furnishings, and you have several options. First you can disassemble the furniture, then sanding and then paint it to completely change the look of the furniture. Another option is to paint. You can only paint a single color, you can choose a tailored finish or if it is a little creative you can paint a topic on it. I painted my son’s furniture with surf scenes since he likes to surf.

To treat minor scratches, a good trick is simply to get wax crayons that are similar to the color of furniture to fill cracks, or even polish for shoes. With the upholstered furniture you can easily renew just reupholstered, to achieve a whole new look. This is another good reason to buy furniture. It makes no sense to spend money on restoring cheap furniture that are poorly made from scratch. If you see a piece of furniture that your grandparents probably still have, you know what I mean. May have a sofa in fifty years!

And there is another way to revive old furniture, it is simply moving from one place to another in your room or change rooms. Take the armchair that has been in your living room since he bought the house and move to the bedroom. Take that chair and not used in the guest room to the front door. Simple changes like these will help you move your furniture from heavy traffic areas to areas of little use, helping to keep them alive, and help you enjoy them as if they were new.

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