How to install a ventilation system for your sauna?

sauna systemAn efficient ventilation system for your sauna is an important component of any sauna. Either because it is operating as a steam room or to use infrared heat, you should ventilate the area with a system that allows air changes per hour.

Both the wet and dry saunas require some sort of ventilation to bring fresh air into the room. A simple but efficient system will leave an open space at the bottom of the door. Since hot air rises and cold air stays near the floor and never get current if you sit on a bench. A small opening quarter 3 to several centimeters may provide sufficient ventilation to recycle the air for a soothing sauna.

A better system to ventilate the wet and dry saunas is to provide an opening in the wall behind the heater. The inlet vent should be located several inches above the floor to provide fresh air. The output should be located on the opposite wall near the ceiling. This opening will remove the used air of the sauna, ensuring complete air changes and ventilation efficiency.

Proper ventilation is also an important safety consideration. The extreme heat found in the wet and dry home saunas can result in heated floors, walls, ceilings and banks without an air exchange system. The builders say they must avoid mechanical methods of air exchange, which tends to dry the wall panels and converts potential fire hazards.

Another important aspect of a properly installed ventilation system is to unload the spent air in the room where it was taken. In other words, do not discharge the used air out. This obviously applies only to the saunas. If you decide to build your home sauna kit assembly, the manufacturer may provide instructions on how to build the sauna and the ventilation system.

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