Buying Guide of modular audio and video

This article is a guide to buying modular in order to teach practical aspects in buying them. Let’s face it, no matter how simple it may seem, choosing modular audio and video is a difficult issue. Reaching the options within your budget and needs needs some thoughtful action.

Capacity and space: Because consumer electronics are constantly increasing in size, it is important to choose a large modular. Try to get a large piece of furniture to accommodate the continued expansion of CD and DVD collections.

Room size: Measure the room and the area needed to put the furniture. What things would you like to have in your cabinet? Perhaps your plasma, DVD player, CD player, speakers, and its collection of multimedia? There are base cabinets that allow you to store all these things and will also provide space for the odd piece of art or collectors’ items. Then there are the regular furniture with shelves for CDs and DVDs. Compare the sizes and determine the type of space needed to store what you have and keep adding things.

Some of the style options of storage and shelving units
Shelving units: the shelves are basic furniture. The metal shelving systems and wood are also equipped with wheels for mobility, and can be found in various sizes to fit almost any size. There are modular units that can be assembled and quickly disassembled and arranged in the shape you want, can even be hung. You can get shelves of any material for homes and offices bamboo shelves look great and give the room a great decorative and utilitarian value. .

Libraries: There are libraries that can be used for storing and displaying books and collectibles. There are multi-purpose units that are in style. Some libraries are designed to be a combination of storage and object views with glass door and extra shelves and drawers where you can show your art and collectibles. Pay attention to the depth of the shelves, the ideal would be a rack of 12 to 14 inches for storing books of various sizes. Normally, libraries are designed to be placed on a wall, you can be creative and use the shelves to divide spaces, storing books, decor and more. There are wooden bookcases built with hardwood, glass, metal and a combination of materials to meet modern tastes and traditional decorations.

Modular audio, video and games: These modular are available in all sizes and designs to accommodate plasmas and televisions, and also provide space to store artifacts and collections. Traditionally used to be a modular shelving system with limited space. Recently, electronic devices are narrower and there are a greater number of storage elements, the modular have adapted to this by allowing fulfill its role and also maintain space for decoration. You can also choose modular trailer with shelves on the sides, like those seen in bookstores.

Vajilleros glazes: The vajilleros glazes are large pieces with a set of shelves and a glass door. Normally used to store collectibles, china and antique brilliant. The shelves are usually a mirror in the back and some are equipped with lights. Is a unit of furniture that is usually placed in the living room. His designs are a great combination of wood and glass. Some even have glass shelves. Normally used as a decorative unit, so see which design and style adapts to the overall look of your living room.

Wall Shelves: For limited space, wall shelves are ideal. There are separate units and shelves to the wall, depending on availability of space and comfort, you should consider factors such as mobility to decide the best option. Once on the wall shelf units are difficult to move elsewhere, while the independent shelves can be collected and transported easily.

Rinconeros: The Corner are equally useful independent shelves and wall shelves. Usually have a design that enables them to adapt to any corner between two walls, are designed to save space and provide decorative value. They are ideal for small spaces and apartments. You can buy Rinconeros of different sizes and turn that corner in a functional corner. Used in bathrooms, kitchens and hallways to show style.

Protector shelves: To protect the shelves and drawers, it is convenient to use cloth or plastic. Help protect the surface and make it easier to clean the shelving unit. Available in a range of colors and finishes are ideal to keep small items from falling through wire shelves and can be cut to fit any size.

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