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gardenEver wonder where the difference between a pretty garden and care and a landscape that takes your breath away? One of the hidden secrets of the pros is the use of layers in their designs. If you have any doubts, go to one of the most expensive and exclusive neighborhoods where you live and actually see the difference between these views and those of middle-class areas. Big difference, right? You can watch the world-class gardens and famous as the Canadian or Buchart Gardens Missouri Botanical Garden and also see you there. Layers!

Clear that a design uses many more elements than just layers of plants, but these are what separates a garden and a spectacular landscape that is attractive but somewhat mundane.

An example of what you’ll find using funds layers are large shrubs or, perhaps, some of those Italian trees, tall and slender cypress style, but in every part of the garden will lower plants or flowers in front of them. So if you think your little patio you can not see amazingly beautiful and attract the attention of their neighbors, think again.

An example that could be used in a smaller landscape for a beautiful, lush appearance would be to place the taller shrubs against the fence back (perhaps a red-tipped Photinia or privet fence with 2 or 3 high style cypress trees in front of fence or the side, and opposite these some Japanese box kept at about 4 to 6 ‘tall, depending on the rear fence height). Then, to complement the layers, you may place a statue or a bird bath surrounded by bushes lower (Yupon dwarf holly, dwarf Pittosporum or flowers as an alternative).

The corners are great for creative landscaping. One of my favorite corners in my small garden lies between the rear fence and house. I put two backs in 4 x 6 (one against the fence and the other against the house to make a corner trellis) that are covered by a beautiful lush ivy. Opposite placed a bird bath that cement an angel of 20 “and is surrounded by small Yupon holly flanked by sagebrush liriope pink and dark green. Simple, inexpensive but surprisingly stratified and finished in a very aesthetic.

If your garden is designed in the center of the courtyard, for example flowers or grass around a tree and has spent many plants, the same theory can be applied layers: the largest plants closer to the tree and the smallest to the edges of the planting.

I hope this theory you have found helpful and that you can use in designing your own landscape. I hope that you will see an immediate difference!

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