Dog training and obedience

dog trainTeach your puppy to sit, as your first lesson. There are several good reasons why you should start with this command. The first sitting is something natural in dogs, as they often feel at rest. Second, teach your puppy to sit is relatively easy, and it is a lesson he will learn very quickly. Three, you will find the seating position is a great place from which to express otherwise. When the puppy is sitting, he remains silent and is under control. Its seating position is similar to the five basic positions of ballet dancer’s foot. From the five positions, the ballet dancer can execute any number of steps or combinations, to one in a caper.

The sitting position also has practical applications, not just a trick. By guiding the puppy, you will find useful this position at intersections, to find a friend, and other situations where you want to keep the dog quiet and under control.

Start the lesson with the puppy on a leash. You can place on your left side, and later he will be walking or standing from that position. Hold the leash in his right hand, give the command “Sit!” And lift the belt. This will raise the puppy’s head. With his left hand, push your back down. Repeat these movements until the puppy to sit without having to touch it. Then scoop out the leash and give the order. If he stands or sits only half, put the belt back and start again. He soon learns that he does not obey, will be allowed on a leash. Praise him when he understands the lesson.

Then start it in the correct hand signal. Wear a step or two ahead of the dog, and the command “Sit!”, And show your index finger in an admonitory gesture. Let see. Keep repeating the lesson, using both the command and hand signal. While the hand signal is a better use to take effect at a distance, and in the field, there are many situations where you will find it useful. One of these is when there is a lot of noise so your dog can hear your voice.

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