Fun and fortune with a gold detector

gold detectorGold fever vocation always reminds us of the powerful emperors of treasure hunters who were the pirates. Never was estimated that this hobby could be done by ordinary people like you and me. However, with the help of a simple item called gold detector you can also become the owner of tons of gold, like the heroes of the past.

A good career as a gold hunter begins with investing in a gold detector, which is better than a metal detector. Stay away from second-hand versions cheaper when choosing their first gold detector. Some brands you can consider are Whites, Garrett, Fisher and Minelab.

First, you must perform an extensive investigation of the activity in consultation with experts or read daily newspapers with articles about the areas where you can find gold. Able to join a club of prospects is also a good idea because there you can learn the secrets of where to go digging and how to dig to get the most benefit. A popular club is the American Association of gold prospectors.

To get the best performance of his gold detector, follow this guide :

  • Instead of moving the gold detector haphazard manner, make an extensive search by checking a small area and covering it patiently, piece by piece. Always keep the core search to at least one inch of the floor of your home while you move the detector slowly.
  • Ignore the gradual changes in sound that occur in response to changes in ground mineralization. Do not ignore the short and sharp signals, but not heard very strong.
  • In order to balance the engine every so often requires a balance machine that uses a coil Double D. The GP series machines or SD can save this problem.
  • When the machine emits very small signals, take a bit of land that may have accumulated in the coil. Then drop a bit on the coil using your hand. Now you can receive signals each pass over a metal.
  • To practice in areas with shrubs or sand where the soil is less mineralization may help to recognize the signs when you are trying in places that are more difficult to handle.

Choose from four main categories of detectors according to their preferences and expectations. They are:

  • Detectors gold prospects.
  • Dual-purpose detectors.
  • Detectors for treasure houses.
  • Detectors for use underwater.

Each type of gold detector has its pros and cons. For example, a specialized detector you can get very good efficiency to locate even the smallest portions of gold to an incredible depth. However, while their poor discrimination skills can make finding a lot of garbage. Finally, patience is the key to succeed in their quest for gold. Do not move to another place impatiently. Find a particular place and research it thoroughly. Despite all his hard work may end without finding anything. Start all back at a new site using the same concentration level. Remember, with a little effort and the right team, you too could be like the richest of kings.

To sum up. In order to become a successful hunter for the gold, you need equipment, patience and luck. Money for the purchase of equipment, you can take loan online by Get Cash N Go.
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