Garden of roses in autumn

rosesThe months of November and December can be a difficult time for people who raise roses. While the growing season is winding down, winter hibernation has not yet begun. Some of us do not know what to do with the rose bushes during this period.

Because your bushes are still hibernating, still require some attention. The water remains a primary need, so make sure that the soil around the roots moist continue. Water properly but, as always, do not flood the floor.

Water is an important part of the requirements for survival of your roses during the winter and properly hydrated roots will help you stay protected when they come colder climates.

Stop all pruning and cutting activities to discourage the growth of shoots. Should have finished applying organics last month, and do not want to apply more fertilizer now either. Its aim is to keep your roses healthy while, at the same time, promotes the principle of the process that makes entering hibernation.

Continue watering at least once every month to combat black spots. The red Anarel are still active during the months of late fall so be careful with them. Sprinkle your shoots and foliage with water where you see signs of infestation. Aphids are also active now, so we have a wet soap bottle ready to fight.

Pick up any diseased leaf and branch that has fallen from her rose bushes. This not only serves to enhance the appearance of the garden, also removes any disease residue which can remain on the leaves.

This is also a good time to prepare their new holes and garden beds for the growing season the following year. Have time to settle during the winter and be ready to accept your new roses in the spring.

Begin the process of piling mulch around your more delicate varieties such as the San Patricio, Color Magic, Oklahoma and Custom. Stronger varieties can wait until next month. See our winter gardening article for tips on how to mulch.

He has worked hard all season to keep your roses healthy and beautiful. It did everything as I should have probably receive the reward of many beautiful offspring. Your hard work will be completed by at least a year, but do not ignore your roses during these important final months.

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