Ideal surfaces for decoupage

decoupageAlmost any surface can be used to occupy, but various surfaces require different treatments. Traditionally, wooden objects are used, especially the furniture. But any smooth surface can be used for decoupage. Boxes, trays and picture frames are ideal for beginners. Before you begin, ensure that objects that are clean and free of dust or paint. The wood without a finish should be cleaned, fixed or sealed before the decoupage. If the object needs to be painted, use the appropriate paint and let dry for 24 hours. Also need to be lightly sanding the glue adhere better. We will discuss how to be prepared for decoupage surfaces in the sections devoted to the art.

New wood is readily available and requires very little preparation. Most suppliers have a large number of objects from which to choose. The varnished wood needs a slight sanding to help the water-based glue and varnish to adhere properly. Old wood may require more preparation, but also has more personality.

The scrap metal can also lead character. The thrift store can be a great source of metal objects.

Galvanized metal.
Galvanized metal is growing in popularity and can now be found in craft stores. These items are delicate in appearance with intricate lines and shifting. Some preparations are needed to ensure proper adhesion. These items are extremely delicate and can be generated if used improperly, and therefore should be used for purely decorative purposes. Try the metal does not come into contact with water, especially if you are using to store flowers. Use a container within the metal object.

The ceramic plates are no better for the decoupage and come in a variety of ways. These objects are purely decorative. Hot food should never be served on them, use only containers for dry items such as potpourri or months. Should be thoroughly cleaned with a damp cloth, but do not immerse in water or put it in the dishwasher.

Once completed, you can use the object to what was originally designed. The serviettes are good to use as they are extremely thin and glued to the porcelain. Try to keep working with porcelain soft colors, otherwise the forms will disappear in the background.

The emanel needs a light sanding and a coat of primer sealer followed by a universal primer base. Then it can be treated the same way as porcelain.

The glass needs a strong cleaning with a little hot soapy water and a good cleaning before use. These objects are usually used for decorative purposes, but if you want to use glassware, porcelain try using media and serviettes in a heat resistant object can be inserted into an oven. To cook your order to dry and harden may seal his artwork, making it more functional. Do not immerse the object in water.

It is best to use candles thicker, because a fine will be consumed too quickly, and will be more difficult to maneuver. They tend to burn in the center, leaving a secure area at the edges.

Any soap can be used for decoupage, provided it is not too oily. The soap can be used at any pictures though eventually come out. Decoupage soaps are great gifts.

Once you have found the object to which you want to decoupage, you need to make sure you do not have dirt of any kind. The surface may need a cast and may need to make the first painted object. Some surfaces require a light sanding. Decoupage not begin before the object is clean and dry.

With the amount of work he has invested, will take care of their beautiful pieces. Spending a little on a regular basis will provide good protection. Wipe all spills immediately with a soft cloth. Do not use furniture polish because it can cause a buildup and eventually may destroy the surface. A small damp sponge or rag used to clean up. Do not place the piece of decoupage to sunlight, as you can get your color.

Remember that varnishes are almost a year to heal completely. Do not place heavy objects on a flat decoupage at least for a year or may cause indentations in the surface. Once the surface is hardened, it is still important. The varnish dries from top to bottom, so even though it may feel hard and dry, smooth surface may be underneath.

Any small scratches that occur over time should be repaired as soon as possible. If the varnish is scratched but the decoupage has no damage, sand the surface. Apply some paint and let dry. Repeat this until you fill the line. The decoupage is not difficult to treat and with proper care can last forever.

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