Is it recommended a feather bed?

The feather beds today are not like their grandmothers. In his time were literally bags of feathers. There is great availability of feather beds, most made of 95% duck feather and 5% duck down (which are not considered luxury). The feathers are flat and hard and soft cover markers are bird’s chest. The goose downs are better than the duck, the bundles are larger and the ratio of at least 50/50 down / feather is better than using mostly feathers, which are hard and “crunchy” and with the passage of time tend escape even the best feather-proof covers.

There is an availability of truly luxurious feather beds made of feathers and white goose down, down with large percentages of high fill-power, or until completely done down. The fill-power is the measure of the ability of the tufts of down to expand after being compressed. The markers that are spread over more cushioned beds. A fill-power of 650 or more in goose are considered luxury quality. Further down on his bed of feathers means a more luxurious appearance and a comfort level unmatched. A feather bed made with pure white goose down would be softer and more cushioned. More luxury that sink.

The most common styles are Baffle box, 3 compartment or channel. Baffle is better to have the box to prevent unintended movement of the filling, with partitions of at least 20 centimeters.

Always use a cover to protect your feather bed or markers. Choose one that fits the construction of walls to allow the filling to expand (especially when it comes down to high rates when pure or down) and seals on three sides to it can be removed easily. Shake and turn the feather bed to wash the cover weekly. Submit your feather bed duvets a specialist in cleaning every 3 or 4 years and for renewal every 7 to 10. Another good idea is to invest in sheets that fit with extra depth to exploit the full height of the bed of feathers. Tightly stretched linen bed down flat. This gives the contrast of having a feather bed luxury high-down.

It really is worth investing in a bed of feathers or down of quality and that, with proper care, provides an unparalleled level of comfort and life. Buy from a specialist ensures a wide selection markers and a computer expert. Choose a specialist that offers expert services for renovation and cleaning to keep your feather bed luxury life.

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