Learn how to make a pillow

pillowsThe decorative pillows are a perfect way to add a personal touch to any room. However, despite its small size, these pillows can be quite expensive, especially when you buy three or four of them. Fortunately, it is very easy to learn how to make a pillow. The first step in making a pillow is to select your fabric and embellishments. You also need a filling for your pillow, decide how and whether that will have a removable cover.

Before you select your fabric, keep in mind that many decorative pillows are made using at least 2 screens that have a contrast. Of course, the first time you try to make decorative pillows, you must use a single fabric. There are several important things you should keep in mind when choosing a fabric.

  1. Woven fabrics and slippery materials are difficult to handle.
  2. The fine cotton fabrics are usually not very good to make pillows unless using a block design.
  3. The geometric patterns are harder to work than the standard drawings and designs to be combined.

When choosing stuffing your pillow, decide if you have a removable cover. If so, make a skeleton of pillow is the best option because you really do not want to have to remove loose fillings to wash the pillow and then replace it back once it is clean. However, most decorative pillows are made without removable cover and can be filled with polyester fiber filling or chopped foam.

The easiest pillow sewing pillow is probably a simple and square without any tissue. To make your pillow, cut squares of fabric that are 4 inches larger than you want your pillow on each side. Place a square over the other making clear the sides of the fabric are facing. (People who work with fabric called lighter side of a piece of fabric right side).

Now you’re ready for the fun part. Sew around three sides of the square of fabric using a stitch counter 1.5 centimeters. (The stitch counter is a measure between the axis of the fabric to where the machine starts sewing.) On the fourth side of the square, sew a third of the way on each side. This will leave an open space in the middle of that side. Use this space to reverse the pillow and the clear side facing outward.

Finally ready to finish your pillow. Fill it firmly and then hand-sew the opening until it is closed. Now, repeat the process for making a pillow to combine.

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