Learn how to polish granite

Of all the natural stones to choose from for the floor, granite is by far the hardest material and more durable. It is also resistant to staining and acid and alkaline. This is the reason why the kitchen countertops and flooring works best with granite. Despite its hardness, as can be scratched by quartz. Quartz is a sand-like material that makes the most amount of dirt inside a house, after the shoe. The traffic moving over it then moves to the small particles of sand on the surface of the granite, causing small scratches. The effect of rayon in the granite is less than the marble for example, but just be a scratch.

This effect can be minimized with a minimum maintenance program. A typical maintenance program for the floors of granite may be passing a cloth every day to remove these particles of dirt, or more often, depending on traffic it receives the floor. This treatment may help fuel the surface and color. This can then be vacuumed and then washed with plain water, then rinse. The extraction process helps the water treatment do not leave a stain.

Once a week or once every two weeks, depending on traffic, the floor can be treated with a cleaning agent and then can be polished at high speed. This will remove minor scratches and return the shine to the floor, but may still be a bit darker in real high-traffic areas. Then once a year can be polished using a more abrasive cleaner and a polishing machine at low speed, stainless steel sheets.

If you follow this regime, then the brightness of granite floors should last long enough for you to use. If you do not pay attention to the floor and not cleaned properly, then slowly lose their shine and start to darken. If this were a marble floor, then scratch should be more serious and should be removed using a diamond polishing low speed. However, this process can not be achieved with the granite. Can restore the shine by using the technique of diamond, but this will generally cause a change of color in the granite that will obviously not be accepted by the consumer.

This process, that the marble can take up to 30 minutes per square meter in the granite, being a more difficult area of work, you may take two to three hours per square meter to achieve any kind of brightness. In processing plants, marble is ground for about 40 minutes to achieve that effect with good luster. Granite, on the other hand, will be bruised for several hours to achieve the same effect. There is no way that, once the granite is in place, this process repeated.

Consequently, if you have a granite floor loses its shine and restore putting someone offers to grind, or worry about proving it. End with a flat but with a very bright color has changed, and this process will have cost a small fortune. Take care of him from the start and never be found with this predicament.

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