Repairing a broken glass pane in an aluminum frame

Suppose we still have these old windows single pane glass aluminum at home, and one of the neighbor’s children throwing a ball through it (and your child will never do that!). Depending on where you live, you can pay about $ 75 to $ 150 for repair. Well, if you’re willing to spend an hour or two, you can fix the window for about $ 20 or $ 30. I will not try to explain how to cut your own glass. I will explain how to get the old glass, measuring for the new glass, and install the replacement glass. So, let’s use this article to explain the most common type of aluminum frame window.

If you have a sliding window, one of the panels will be fixed, and the other slide. If the slipping is that is broken, you simply pull up and root. If the bottom does not come out, look for the rollers that hold it. Sometimes the rollers are set, preventing the sliding part can be removed. Simply loosen the screw holding the roller in place and lift hard. That should push the rollers down, allowing you to remove the panel. Place the panel on a table and measure the width and height of the glass. Take this measurement and add 1 / 2 “to both. This is the new glass size you need to get. Measure the thickness of old glass. Will be 1 / 8 “or slightly less. The thin glass is known as simple and true strength is 3 / 32 “wide. Glass 1 / 8 “is called double-strength glass. Be sure to order the correct glass. If you order the double-strength glass just because you think that will endure more than the simple power, you’re going to spend a hard time reassembling the frame. That small difference of 1 / 32 “can be a real pain in the neck. Trust me, you want to replace the force with another force simple simple.

Now it is time to disassemble the frame and remove all the old glass. Be sure to use a pair of heavy gloves to avoid cuts. You will find a screw in each corner of its frame. You want to remove two of these screws in opposite corners. So if you remove the lower left screw, you also need to remove the highest duty. Now, take a rubber hammer head, slide a corner away from the table that has the screw removed, and tap the frame to separate the glass. Put aside that half of the frame, then do the same with the other half. Now you should have two halves of the frame, a piece of rubber and lots of glass. Throw away all the glass, remove all the rubber, make sure each piece of glass.

When you bring home the replacement glass, place it on the table with a long side and a small hanging over the edges. Put the rubber on those two overhanging edges. Place half of the frame (does not matter which half) against the glass and tap the first corner. Then tap the long edge of the rubber top until it clicks. Then the same with the small edge. Now, put the other two edges on the table and do the same procedure. Finally, install the screws in the corners. Replace the panel and finished.

If broken glass is fixed panel, to do a little more work to remove the panel. You need to remove the slider first, then remove the two screws holding the center bar in place. Tap the center bar out of the panel until you exit the side of the panel. Set aside. Then tap the frame edge out of the channel attached to the wall. Once away from the side channel, you can lift off as it did with the slider. You must remove and install the glass in the frame as it did with the slider, returning the frame back to the opening, inserting it through taps in the side channel, putting the screws and then the central bar, and installing the panel slide. That’s it! It’s over.

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