Save money while surviving the heat

energy savingStay cool this summer can be a challenge to the terrible heat waves. If you have not prepared your home to keep cool air in and warm air out, you may lose the battle to survive the summer with reasonable costs of energy and optimum comfort.

The company that provides heating and cooling products famous TV commercials, suggests the following steps to keep their energy bills on a fair value and your home cool and comfortable:

  • Close your windows and garage door. It is important to minimize the loss of cold air in your home. The sun can heat your garage and make your air conditioner work harder than necessary. The windows closed improperly allow fresh air to escape. Close the windows so that they are properly sealed and close the garage door to help keep cool air inside.
  • Clean the area around the thermostat. Keep this area free of appliances and lighting. The thermostat census, the heat from these appliances and air conditioning run longer than necessary.
  • Set your thermostat. A programmable thermostat can save money and energy. This lets you work at temperatures more profitable while you are sleeping or not in your house home, and automatically lower the temperature to cool your house just before you wake up or return. Heil’s new programmable thermostats help save money and have a five year warranty.
  • Evaluate your garden. Plant trees and shrubs to shade your air conditioner, but do not block the airflow. A shaded air conditioner work more efficiently than one that operates under the sun. According to the European Energy Department, an air conditioner uses up to 10% less electricity when working in the shade.
  • Re-check your air conditioning. Your heating and cooling may be spending a lot of energy, making their bills go through the roof. The purchase of a new, more efficient, can cost less than maintaining an old one, and less efficient.

For example, line 14 Comfort Plus air conditioners, save energy, use an environmentally friendly refrigerant, and can save up to 57% of summer cooling costs.

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