The decor makes a house your home

home decorHome décor or even the Christmas decorations are the greatest testament to our continued prosperity. In past years, our houses were considered places to stay and live, but not as an extension of our personalities. Then the houses were all made to measure, since the boom era of the prefabricated houses had not yet taken root. That is why even if the older homes were not decorated beautifully preserved a certain level of distinction by building a measure of the time.

Entering the second half of the twentieth century, World War II had just ended leaving many young men and women back into their country with the recent ability to afford their homes due to the proposed GI Bill. This huge demand caused the construction boom traverse across the country. The good part was that these houses were economic, but the downside was the birth of the manufactured home. Thousands of houses made from the same mold soon settled most of the land where people cared to live. This in turn produced the need for some kind of distinction to differentiate some of these new homes and to say something about their new owners. Finally reached the working class was the decor.

The home is the most comfortable and cozy there. We build our homes with the utmost care and sincerity. After all, the place where we spend most of our lives. The decoration means a lot to the owner, it also requires hard work and devotion, it is not an easy task. Decorating includes both the interior and exterior appearance.

In the beginning the decorating started simply by changing the paint or wallpaper but triggered a boom in furniture, art supplies, collectibles and even materials for the floor. The variety of choices for floor is just amazing. You can choose from marble, granite tile, brick, slate, concrete or steel. To add color you can place an appropriate folder. You can use carpet to complete. Before then, a basic floor was acceptable, but in our mission to make our home truly ours we need to remodel, rebuild, return to work and redesign almost everything in our homes.

Walls, pillars and other outstanding can be decorated with artifacts, paintings and pendants. Modern art is becoming a common choice. It’s not just the living room but every corner of the house that receives the star treatment. These include new rooms for babies, teens, young adults and young children.

After all, what we really want is to open the door after a long day of work and say … Home Sweet Home!

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