Use fine glassware in your party

crystal glassGlassware and crockery is excellent for ornamental purposes, and it occupies every part of our life. The various glassware are made of different types of glass, depending on the cost and necessity. The glassware is available in a huge variety of shapes, sizes, colors and decorations. Plain or decorated, colorful or simple, formal or informal, all glassware has the same basic purpose: to hold liquid for drinking.

The importance of glassware:
From the breakfast table at a banquet, glass plays an important part of our everyday life. Throughout its long history, glass has evolved in specific ways depending on the type of liquid that holds either water or a hot drink.

Types and Uses of Glass:
Glassware includes:

  • The drink ware.
  • Earthenware drinking.
  • If you are confused about the glassware, the overview provided below will help you understand the different types of glassware available and what each one serves.
  • The drink ware.
  • The vessels for drinking water, are used daily.
  • The vessels for drinking juice: these vessels are usually smaller vessels for water, and come in a variety of colors and attractive shapes.

With the exception of this, glass is also used to make vases, glass, art and marbles, all in exclusive designs, colors and varieties.

The advantages of glassware.

  • Taking into account the specific advantages of the glassware, the vessels may be used for any purpose.
  • The glass has a very good chemical resistance against water, salt solutions (solutions livened), acids, alkalis and organic solvents, and exceeds most of plastics in this respect.
  • Glass has dimensional stability even in temperatures inflamed, and has a high transparency.
  • The glassware is safe to use because it makes no acidic solution and the other tools, which would damage their health.
  • The glass provides a beautiful, well-defined your dishes.
  • The glass used to make art and marble vases, and provides a real and completely different look to your interior decoration.

Care to be taken when handling glassware.

  • The glass may be brittle with improper handling, because the glass breaks into very sharp little pieces that can cause severe injuries.
  • Never pour any hot substance in the glass, because glass can crack easily.
  • Never place any heavy object on the glass.
  • The glass can break easily when exposed to sudden changes in temperature.
  • Never place any glassware closed (full bottles) in the freezer because sometimes the glass may break.
  • Never wash delicate glassware in a dishwasher because it can damage the glass.

The shapes and sizes of glassware.
The glassware is available in various shapes and sizes as:

  • The tulip-shaped: This is a most unusual and attractive given for drinking glasses.
  • Triangular shape.
  • Round shape: this is a normal way.
  • Square shape: this is also a customary manner.
  • The finest glasses: they are more attractive and are close in size.
  • Small vessels.
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