Using pepper spray for personal protection

“Sprinkler pepper” is a general term for a personal defense spray containing oleoresin capsicum, a charger and a propellant. Its effect is to produce a physical disability rather than produce a painful irritation, this makes it ideal for personal defense and for use on people who are immune to pain (either because they are using psychotropic drugs, because they are under the influence of drugs or alcohol or simply because they are “tough”).

The pepper gas on the other hand, is commonly made of two chemicals: the CS (Orthochlorobenzalmalononitrile) or CN (chloroacetophenone). These components, when sprayed in the face of the assailant, work by irritating the eyes, skin and respiratory system. Function to induce pain, and therefore have no effect in those who have a tendency not to feel pain.

At one time, what was simply known as aerosol pepper spray. Now, what is known as aerosol sprays can mean several defense, including:

The spray is a triple action pepper spray, pepper gas and UV dye. The first component of the assailant physically disabled forcing him to close his eyes and squeezes her bronchi, making it very difficult to see and breathe. The pepper gas irritates the bronchial tubes, causing choking. The dye stains the robber ultraviolet quite treacherous, making the identification is very simple.

Used pepper spray a solution of 10% oleoresin capsicum and UV dye. OC solution is particularly strong and has no effect as fast as the smallest concentration of 1% to 5%, although its effects are longer, sometimes slow to go up to 45 minutes.

Pepper foam is equal to the sprinkler, just coming in the form of foam instead of liquid.

So as you can see, it is a matter of choosing sprinkler or sprinklers, since both mean the same thing. The question is between pepper spray and pepper spray. And the winner will always be the pepper spray.

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