5 steps to have a better lawn and garden

garden and lawnIf you have the good fortune of having a land base for your lawn, much of its maintenance work is done. But many of us do not have this luxury, and besides, even if you have a good base of land, we must work hard anyway to keep your lawn and garden beautiful.

1. The ideal time to mow the lawn is when it is cool and dry. Wait until the morning dew to dry and do it before the midday heat is installed. Another alternative may be to late, or nochecita, after being watered in the morning.

2. A shrub is best to mark the boundary of a grid field. Allow greater privacy and keep pets and children inside, or outside. Attract birds and serve as a backup shelter for your plants and flowers.

3. Bring the beauty of your garden you plant hyacinths near the roads and doors. Its magnificent scent fills the air spring and will bring life to your garden.

4. Guide your garden items not belong in a garden, such as light poles and the mailbox. Surround these items with flowers that you take out the plant juices from start to finish of the season. Could plant snowdrops, crocuses purple and gold, blue hyacinths, and tulips of different colors. It could also surround the posts with stones to add interest.

5. An easy and effective way of controlling weeds is to mow frequently during the spring. This will prevent dandelions spreading throughout the garden by eliminating the yellow flowers and avoid the creation of new seeds. Cut the grass during late spring and early summer. This will allow the grass will overshadow the ground and prevent the invasive grasses take their place.

Your garden and your lawn should be a source of beauty and pride for you. You need not spend much money on fertilizers and pesticides extravagant or ostentatious furniture and ornaments. A little common sense and use of the head can make all the difference in making your garden and lawn are a more

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