5 Tips to decorate home exterior

home exteriorSpring is here and the decor is in the air. We all love to refresh the appearance of our home at this time of year, but you considered it outside your home? Often we are so busy decorating the interior that we forget that there even outside. So here are some quick tips and easy to sing outside with inside, bringing out its most attractive:

1) Color: can paint the exterior of your home and prune the plants, or just pruning. Whatever the decision, will draw attention from outside the new aesthetics of your home.

2) Porch or Patio: If you have a porch or patio, just rearranging the furniture can make a huge difference in the presentation of your home. Another alternative is to buy new cushions or covers for your furniture. Another key to beautify the yard without much effort is to add a couple of pots of flowers or a garden gnome or figurines, or put a small water fountain.

3) Gateways: Having defined paths outside of your home will add an inviting touch of home that will produce a warm feeling in the overall presentation. A corridor of cement can be enhanced by a little green on both sides, putting solar lights or planting annual flowers such as petunias. If you do not have a way and wants to create, in my opinion the most beautiful are the stones. Add an extra decorative touch to do half zigzag instead of straight, always leading to the door of his home.

4) Ornaments for the garden: These can be as simple as a home for birds, a torch, or a wheelbarrow full of flowers. Adding something extra to your yard shows how you and your tastes, besides giving that personal touch to your home that differ from your neighbors.

5) Flowers, plants, shrubs and vines to be probably the most popular way to beautify a yard without much effort, hanging plants, flowers, shrubs and vines. Annual plants are ideal for adding a few colors to the landscape, given that in this time of year are usually in bloom. To get the green color and continuously present, plant some perennials too, so once a year will start to go away to be replaced. Will also have the joy of the perennial flower again for several more years.

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