Determining the values of collector coins

coin collectorFactors influencing the value of old coins.
If you are interested in collecting coins, it is important to have a rough idea of how much coins are worth. Knowing how the values of the currency will help you find good deals, and make sure that you will not be disappointed by paying too much for a coin with a low value.

Supply influences the value of the coins.
A major factor in determining coin values is the law of supply and demand. If there are many coins of a type available, that currency is not worth much. Moreover, if there are only very few pieces of that type produced, the value of such currency increase. This is why a copper penny that is completely normal coined in 1943 worth about $ 200,000, and a Roman coin of 2.000 years of age may be worth less than $ 100 – because there have been thousands and thousands of Roman coins, but only 40 pennies produced in 1943 during wartime were made of copper.

The effect of demand in currency values.
Even among coins with a similar number of copies in existence, some have a higher value than others. This is because some coins have a superior claim, and that raises the value of the currency. Coins may become popular because they are particularly beautiful to watch, because they are a set praised by collectors or they have some historical significance.

Precious metals and currency values.
Some coins are made of precious materials like gold or platinum. The value of these currencies are less volatile because their value is guaranteed in part by the material. A gold coin minted not, for example, usually worth more than its weight melted, and will never be worth less.

The value of the coin is given by the degree and the classification of tempered.
The final major factor in determining the value of a currency is the degree or classification of the coin. The more experienced a currency decline is, the lower the value you have. This is why non-circulating coins are usually more valuable than coins that have been driven from hand to hand. No circulation coins have always been kept in top condition, making their value much higher. A coin in perfect condition can be worth hundreds of times more than a low quality version of the same coin.

Now that you understand the basic factors that influence currency values, you will have a better awareness of the real value of the currency. For a rough estimate of the value of any currency that you may have, you first need to determine its grade or classification. You can do this by comparing the status of its currency to a list posted online. Then find the value of a coin in that condition in a book like “The Standard Catalog of World Coins”, which should be available in most public libraries. If you need to know the exact value of your currency, you should take it to a coin dealer, to give you an approximate value of what is really worth.

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