Fight the humidity of your floors

floorTo protect your concrete walls or floors, you need to be protected with a sealer cement. They protect the concrete deterioration caused by stains, oil, moisture and mold. It also provides a protective layer that allows for easy cleaning.

The most likely only have to apply a coat of cement to keep the surface protected.

Equipment Needed
First, you must install the necessary equipment. You must wear appropriate work clothes and work with substances that can cause irritation. Get a stiff brush and a bucket of water. You will also need rubber gloves, goggles, and a small particle filter to protect against chemical agents. You also need some paintbrushes and a paint roller. Make sure there is enough ventilation in the place of work.

How to Apply
1. Clean the floor: The surface must be free of dirt, grime, grease and oil. The stiff brush will help remove stubborn stains. Use a commercial cleaner to help remove dirt. Stubborn stains may require soaking in a detergent solution before they can be eliminated. Rinse thoroughly with water. A second application may be required.

2. Apply Sealer: Before painting the floor, be sure to test the sealant in a small part of the soil. This will tell if the floor is clean enough or if there are still imperfections that should be eliminated. A drop in the density of the cement can result in a blotchy appearance undesirable. Apply the sealer using a paint roller with a handle or extension. Start at one corner and work from the inside out. Spread across the sealant surface. Keep it to remove any excess and apply a relatively thin and uniform. Probably only need one layer. Allow sealer to dry. This will take a couple of hours.

3. Cleaning: Do not forget to wash everything with soap and warm water after you finish. Remember, you just work with a chemical that can be dangerous. Keep safety in mind while working. Also, pull the roller and brushes I use for the task. Concrete sealers require you to use these materials only once.

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