Solar Projects: Should make them yourself?

solar projectWith increasing prices of fossil fuels, solar energy is becoming a popular choice. If you have a solar project in mind, the first thing to determine is whether to carry it out yourself.

Solar Projects – Should make them yourself?
In the late 70’s, the world experienced an oil crisis. Oil-dependent countries reacted by investing in renewable energy strategies to reduce the impact of problems that appear in the future. While the United States dropped this strategy after the end of the crisis, many countries continued. Germany, for example, produces a considerable amount of its electricity needs through wind and solar energy. Norway produces all its needs through hydropower. Oil prices are increasing and will continue to pay this money if they try to reach renewable energy. Fortunately, much of the technology developed in other countries is available in the United States.

The platform construction and installation of solar panels, whether active or passive window systems, is a fairly simple task if you have basic construction knowledge. There are two types of solar approaches, but only one can be done by your account.

The first type is active solar system, where panels are used to generate electricity for heating and water heating. Generally you should consider hiring someone to install these systems. Federal and state governments offer massive rebates and tax savings if you use active solar systems. These discounts, however, generally require a licensed contractor for installation. While there are exceptions, you do not want to lose the opportunity to save $ 4.000 to $ 10.000. From a financial perspective, is simply not worth it.

The second type of platform is known as passive solar. The government does not give any discount or tax incentives for this platform, so it becomes a perfect project for those who like to get their hands dirty. These projects are promoting home or structure to take advantage of sunlight each day. The idea is to let the sunlight entering through the southern part of the house, letting hot end mass materials such as masonry and then distribute the heat throughout the house. Yes, it works in winter.

These projects do not require you to have any special knowledge more than those obtained from a basic building experience home. The trick is in the orientation of the house, placement of windows and materials used. It is quite simple and can save a ton of money on their utility bills.

In short, almost always use the services of a contractor if panels are part of your system. If you opt for a non-active, take the hammer, and start working.

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