Tips for using the stairs at home

Fall and spring are the two seasons closely associated with the annual general cleaning and housekeeping. To clean the gutters or windows, stairs are the basic tools one should have to begin the cleanup. No matter if you use wooden ladders, giant ladders, fiberglass ladders, or ladders. The structure and material of these steps reduce the risk of instability and fall, but only just. Are indispensable tools, but can cause many problems if not used correctly. The safety commission consumer product in the United States, more than 547,000 reported cases of accidents due to use of ladders. Although most were fractures, contusions and minor cuts, some barely able to escape with a head injury and bruises. This is why the safe use of essential steps.

To formally initiate its cleanup and finish without having to go to hospital, check your stairs. The screws, nuts, hinges, and steps must be tight to ensure that the ladder is not disarming as she climbs to her. Can accumulate dirt, mud and dust in the corners and on the steps, no matter what type of stair case. This happens if stairs are not properly stored or left outside. This dirt and mud must be removed and cleaned. This will reduce the risk of slipping and falling. Secondly, for convenience and safety, positions the stairs on a hard floor and leveled. The thawing of the soil after winter left much moisture in it. This makes the soil gets soft and muddy. There is a possibility that your ladder from sinking into the mud and no longer firm. The uneven floors also make stairs are unstable. Also, make sure the locks and keys are secure and fit correctly. This will prevent the ladder from folding.

Any type of ladder is not designed to withstand the weight of a person for a long time. They are made to function as climbing tools, ie they can only hold the weight for a limited period, until you reach a more stable surface, such as the ceiling. This means that you should not, under any condition, use the stairs as seats. Steps will be put to much weight and braces are loosened.

If you want to relax and sit down, get down. It is also important to use the right ladder for specific purposes. Stairs and ladders stool utility are desirable for low clearance, while extension ladders like giant ladders are used to great heights. The fiberglass ladders are more resistant. It is also essential to move with caution when moving things when on the ladder. Sudden movements can cause the ladder to become unbalanced. Finally, it is important to place the ladder in a place where you get to the surface to reach, to avoid having to bend over. Asking for help to climb, or to hold the ladder does not hurt anyone, Samper and you are sure that person understands the security issues. Make cleaning easier with a ladder reliable and these safety tips.

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