What are composite decks?

Are you looking to buy new decks for your home? You should be aware that there are attractive alternatives to wood decks. These new materials that are made decks provide extra durability and low maintenance. The decks are original styles and colors, and different from common decks that homeowners are tired of seeing. Consumers are looking for something different this year.

Today, manufacturers are producing a wide variety of new materials to build the decks, whether synthetic, plastic or composite. The new composite products are actually a combination of the best qualities of wood with the strength and durability of synthetic materials.

Composite decks
The composite decks (sometimes referred to as an engineered product) are manufactured using a variety of combinations of components such as wood fibers, fillers and binders. These components are heated and compressed at the base of the deck boards. Offer a durable exterior surface, resistant to color fading and scratches, which in turn is easy to clean. The composite decks in turn are more resistant to shrinkage and swelling the natural wood products.

The composite decks have more advantages than treated pine decks. The material is harder and more resistant to dents, and are approved with fire resistance. Wood products are burned and the plastic-based products will melt or become deformed when exposed to a source of heat. During a period of ten years, the composite deck can withstand heavy use, and climate. This intensive, which includes people walking and jumping on the intense sun, burns fat from roast, and rain with high winds, worn even the strongest of wooden decks. The composite decks maintain their beautiful appearance for many years, with minimum maintenance. A simple pressure washing once a year is all that is required.

The decks made with wood products have a number of limitations that may lead you to think twice about buying for your home. The wood can rot, attract insect infestations, and reduced swelling when subjected to rain and then hot and dry weather, causing it to loosen the fasteners that hold it firmly. And that’s when the loud and loose planks become an annoying feature of your deck, along with nails that protrude and pose a real danger. The Boston Cedar decks hold firmly to the fasteners.

The installation of these decks is very simple. These products were designed to allow easy cutting decks for installers. The strength of the compound has many creative options that can not be done with expensive wooden decks. This is contributing to the rise of creative design decks in U.S. households. The large decks require extensive refinishing over the years and hiring a painter, decks once a year, making this option not considered by most people. If you are considering building a deck with multiple levels or other creative deck, composite decks are a good choice.

They require little maintenance and comes with an excellent warranty. The decks made today are much more accessible, if one considers the life and low maintenance. The large wooden decks require extensive refinishing over the years, which ends by adding the total cost.

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