What is solar cooling?

The words “cooling or cooling by solar energy” may sound like a contradiction, but it is nothing more nor less than the same solar energy that provides heat in winter, the same energy that can cool the house in the summer months .

There have been quite a number of more passive cooling diastolic developed and tested in recent times. Its operation is quite simple: there is a refrigerant that absorbs heat and then dissipated to the outside. Up a water tank on the roof can act as a coolant, absorbing heat from the house and then dissipating as it evaporates in the sun automatically.

Apart from these simple methods, there are some passive solar cooling systems, which are more sophisticated and a little more complex. They have a solar collector is kept in the shade during the day. And the storage medium together all the heat during the day to release it later after sunset. At night, solar panels are removed from the shadow to be in direct contact with the cool night air and therefore to dissipate heat collected.

To shade the solar collector can use a retractable awning or umbrella on it. Since this provision is not permanent and will change in the winter season, it is essential to keep the shadow in a way that allows the collector easily expose to the sun when necessary.

For the operation of conventional air conditioners, solar panels can be a good option. As you may know, the days when the heat is more intense, are the best days for the production of electricity using photovoltaic cells. So if you use solar panels to produce enough electricity, you can use your air conditioner for free.

Yet another option is solar cooling, which does not depend on technology. History tells us that the Romans had a very efficient system in which the flow of water used to cool the walls of their homes. As you probably can guess, the water evaporates with the single, and dissipates heat by lowering the temperatures inside the home. This same arrangement can be put in your house until the walls and ceilings.

For most households, cooling and heating are two major concerns in its annual expenditures. Therefore the use of solar energy to cool and heat your home can really help you not spend much money, and also contribute to the ecology. It is always a positive step to stop using fossil fuels for heating and cooling, since they deteriorate the environment clean and healthy.

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