All about air conditioning in your car

In times of year when it rains and hot, having air conditioning in your car in good condition is essential. Or rather, the air conditioning could not miss on any car sold in tropical climates. But how do we keep them working?

A clue to begin: It is only during times of extreme heat you should remember. The team deserves attention throughout the year to avoid that during the hottest time we break down and work overload to our trusted mechanic.

We will also give a more technical in the basic operation of the air conditioning system. This we can save any type of Twister or misunderstood from dealers who do not treat the consumer as they should.

How it works

air filters not only serves to provide thermal comfort to the passengers. Moisture control, ventilation and air quality in the cabin – in addition to taking a bit of engine power, from 7.5 to 15 horsepower. Because of this, it is always best to turn off the air conditioning system before climbing a hill with a small motor car. The principle of operation is the change in the physical state of the refrigerant R134-A (used until 1995 was the R12, which pollutes the ozone layer) and the pressure of it on the cooling system. The work starts when the air conditioning inside the car. At this time the compressor, which is next to the engine and connected to it through a belt, is driven by the magnetic clutch and begins to push the fluid intake and compress time.

Gaseous and hot, the fluid part directly to the condenser, located in front of the vehicle, or rather, in front of the engine radiator. There will be a heat exchange with the air, which draws heat from the refrigerant and reduces its temperature with the help of one or two electric fans. After leaving the condenser, the fluid becomes liquid, but remains high blood pressure.

In the next stage, the fluid passes through the “filter drier (bottle drying agent), which trap the particles and impurities, preventing damage to other components of the cooling system, and absorb the moisture present in the liquid . Then, the R134 is sent to the expansion valve (orifice), where, after being dispersed in aerosol form, blood pressure is dropped, and with it, its temperature drops.

Here comes the good part. The coolant can finally something cool, and partly by the evaporator is located inside the dashboard (in the air conditioned home to Split, is what is inside the building, I mean the key on / off). The evaporator tubes are cooled and the heater (the one that makes annoying noise quel inside the car) launches an air mass that was removed from the cab (recirculating) or the external environment. This mass of air, being warmer than the evaporator, the temperature and humidity change with it.

Cool air enters through vents on the particulate filter (anti-pollen, but if the car you own) and enters the cabin. Meanwhile, the liquid enters the tank where the liquid separates the gas and the cycle begins again. Subsequently, each time the cycle is repeated, the system becomes more efficient, and increasingly inside the car cooler.

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