Crisis alters the home buying process

The crisis has changed the traditional way of buying houses or rather returned to the bank that lost importance over time. and to go to the bank for the mortgage was almost a formality. Now if you are looking house, the first thing to do is go to the bank to know what mortgage can aspire.

And in a time that banks give money with a dropper, the first thing is to make the mortgage. to be having an idea before you can use a mortgage simulator. in the present circumstances it is difficult for a bank to lend you an amount which then assume a monthly fee over 30% of revenues.

In this equation should be noted that most institutions granted 80% of the appraised value of the property, so you have to rely on savings to win the favor of the bank. currently, no savings prior to purchase is virtually impossible. Experts also recommend to consider possible future scenarios and assess workplace safety when embarking on a mortgage.

Once we have the amount the bank will lend us, it’s time to start looking for housing in terms of the possibilities and needs. currently there are many buyers and many types, so you can choose to Buy your home to an individual, an estate agent, a promotor or a bank. in the latter case, offer preferential funding and more flexibility.

You can also “play” to get home a little above the initial budget, because we are in a time of widespread negotiations and we can get a discount that we lower the price of the ad. well, when we see a house we like there to be brave and make an offer. if we are not a born negotiators, we can “throw ” of estate agents to help us get an attractive price for that house.

Also have to buy a house thinking more in the future than current needs and that now sell house to change is more difficult and can not have an appreciation of it. The current offer is very wide at the high stock and there is a very strong demand and very strong.

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