Resistivity meter at AIG

It would be terrific if all natural disasters could be predicted accurately. People could move away from mountains before a volcano erupted or they could move inland before a hurricane battered the coast. This would save a lot of lives and money because rescue efforts would not be as extensive. Is it possible to predict an earthquake so that people can move away from fault lines?

In some senses, an earthquake can never be predicted, just like a blizzard or some other disaster. There are signs, of course, like there are signs of clouds forming before a hurricane strikes, but nothing that gives advanced warning that is useful to everyone. Earthquakes have been known to strike out of nowhere, with no warning to anyway, and this is when they cause the most devastation. This is when they are the most dangerous.

However, after getting a resistivity meter at AIG, it would be possible for a scientist to figure out exactly where a fault line lies. Earthquakes occur along fault lines because they happen when both of the tectonic plates move against each other, pushing and pulling the land that is situated on those plates. Even a movement of an inch could be devastating, though it does not seem like very much. If the scientist knows where the plate is located, he can at least predict for the people in the area that it is more likely that an earthquake will impact them while they are there than if they lived anywhere else.

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