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5 Tips to decorate home exterior

Spring is here and the decor is in the air. We all love to refresh the appearance of our home at this time of year, but you considered it outside your home? Often we are so busy decorating the interior that we forget that there even outside. So here are some quick tips and easy […]

What are composite decks?

Are you looking to buy new decks for your home? You should be aware that there are attractive alternatives to wood decks. These new materials that are made decks provide extra durability and low maintenance. The decks are original styles and colors, and different from common decks that homeowners are tired of seeing. Consumers are […]

Installing retractable awnings at home

Retractable awnings combine old world craftsmanship and technology in a great variety of options. Do you live in Madrid? The solar sensor retractable awnings can keep your patio warm and shady even when you’re not at home. Do you live in Buenos Aires? The wind sensor featured in retractable awnings can help keep the canopy […]

How to protect wooden furniture from weather

For those who love their gardens, and always kept clean, new flowers planted, protect them from weather and watered from time to time, there are some things to consider. As I love to stay out for a bit of tranquility, peace and relaxation, it should focus on how to protect the place where to stay, […]

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