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Solar Projects: Should make them yourself?

With increasing prices of fossil fuels, solar energy is becoming a popular choice. If you have a solar project in mind, the first thing to determine is whether to carry it out yourself. Solar Projects – Should make them yourself? In the late 70’s, the world experienced an oil crisis. Oil-dependent countries reacted by investing […]

Installing solar panels on your home

For many people, buying something new makes little sense if one can accomplish the same thing done much cheaper renewal. Solar panels tend to work restored the same way, but it could cost you unless you understand the situation. Solar panels for your restored home Some families would love to try living with solar energy, […]

What is solar cooling?

The words “cooling or cooling by solar energy” may sound like a contradiction, but it is nothing more nor less than the same solar energy that provides heat in winter, the same energy that can cool the house in the summer months . There have been quite a number of more passive cooling diastolic developed […]

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